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Choosing Paint Colors with Camelot Painting

Choose Camelot Painting’s Paint Colors for Your Home

At Camelot Painting, we provide paint colors that you will love. If there is a color that makes you happy, then you’ll love how it looks on the walls of your home. If you are unsure of what colors to pick for your painting needs, think of some of your favorite color schemes and combinations. Use anything that might inspire you—a piece of art, a magazine cover, photographs, clothing design—inspiration can come from anything! We can review your choices and preferences together through our in-person consultation. Let us find a common color theme together and let us get started on your home painting project—call us today.

Painting Ideas to Inspire You

You might think of your neighbor’s house or a house that you’ve seen in your favorite television show. Take note of how the colors of the space flow from one room to another. Think about the role a color has on the design of a room. If you are inspired by dark blue walls, consider painting a complimentary color such as a lighter blue or purple.

If you are re-painting your home, make sure that the paint you select compliments the colors that are already in your residence. If you have a lot of wooden features in the room, you’ll need to select a color that matches the tones of the wood. There’s nothing worse than re-painting your room with a beautiful interior paint color only to have it clash with your existing furniture. If you have stained wooden trim or natural wood cabinets consider going with neutral colors, such as greens, grays or whites. For medium-toned walnut furniture try earthy reds, oranges and even browns.

Camelot Painting Wall Painting Ideas for Your Home

At Camelot Painting, we are the experts at selecting the right colors and tones for your home. When you come to us with your initial idea, we will refer to the color wheel to ensure that your idea will work. This method guarantees that the best color combinations are chosen every time.

During a consultation with one of our experts, we will suggest different hues and tones that best match your home’s look. We will bring paint strips with us to give you a better idea of what the color will look like placed against your wall.

Moreover, before we even begin fully painting your walls, we will test out the actual color by applying a single stroke, to make sure you are completely satisfied with the look.

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